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Understanding BGA Reballing

Ball Grid Array (BGA) technology is pivotal in modern electronics, involving small solder balls for IC surface mounting, offering enhanced performance compared to traditional pin-based systems. In specific scenarios, particularly for high-reliability applications, these solder balls require reballing – replacing the original lead-free solder balls with leaded ones to meet specific industry requirements.

Why Reballing Matters

With electronics evolving rapidly, the need for reliable BGA reballing services has never been more critical. From aerospace to commercial manufacturing, BGA’s durability makes it ideal, but over time, connections can loosen. Reballing addresses this, ensuring consistent, high-quality performance.

Our Process: Precision and Quality

At SureCanDo Computers, we pride ourselves on a meticulous, step-by-step reballing process & aligning:

  1. Prepping the BGAs: We begin by carefully removing existing components and cleaning the surface.
  2. Securing the Units: The BGAs are then positioned in a custom mold for stability during the process.
  3. Stencil Introduction and Securing: A tailored stencil is used to guide the new solder balls, secured with a ring for precision.
  4. Solder Ball Placement: We then accurately place the solder balls, ensuring each fits perfectly.
  5. Reflow Soldering: Utilising advanced reflow ovens, we achieve optimal soldering conditions.
  6. Inspection and Testing: Post-reballing, each unit undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure flawless quality.

Why Choose SureCanDo Computers?

  • Experience: With over 20 years of industry experience, our team is equipped to handle any BGA reballing task.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with your queries and provide tailored solutions.
  • Comprehensive Services: We cater to various BGA sizes and styles, including CGA, LGA, QFN, and more, ensuring a one-stop solution for all your reballing needs.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Leveraging the latest in reballing technology, we guarantee precision and reliability.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Innovative Solutions: From standard BGA reballing to complex modifications, we handle it all.
  • Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of time in business and ensure quick turnarounds without compromising on quality.

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For reliable, high-quality BGA reballing services, SureCanDo Computers is your ideal partner. Contact us online or call us to discuss your reballing needs and experience our commitment to excellence first-hand. Let’s work together to ensure the longevity and reliability of your electronic components.